EMX’s Advanced Detection Technology Ignores Cross Traffic


In many cases simply detecting that a vehicle is present is not enough. It is also important to know whether it is stopped or moving.

We have all walked down a sidewalk and seen the doors of a store open automatically, even though we are not going in. A similar thing can happen in parking lots or garages with automatic exit gates.

There is a vehicle detection loop at the exit to open the gate or parking barrier and let cars out, but in some cramped lots cars simply moving around the lot pass over this loop and cause the gate to open. What’s needed is a detector that will sense when a car has actually stopped in front of the gate. This improves security and helps keep cars from sneaking in/out without paying – i.e. tailgating. EMX has solved this problem with its new Detect-on-Stop™(DOS®) technology.

The DOS® output triggers only when a vehicle stops for at least one second over the loop, and ignores cars that keep going therefore barriers and gates will stay closed. DOS® is exclusive to EMX’s ULTRALOOP vehicle detectors: ULT-PLGULT-MVP and ULT-DIN. Learn more.