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Gate Safety 4×4 Education Tour

4x4 US Tour 2016

4 Manufacturers + 4 Hours of Training (+ Lunch!)

EMX, DoorKing, Nice and MillerEdge have teamed up to offer short half-day seminars (8:00 AM – 12:00 PM) that will provide information and training on the new UL 325 gate operator external entrapment prevention device monitoring requirements.  Learn firsthand how DoorKing and Nice gate operators meet these requirements. EMX and MillerEdge will educate attendees on the different products that they offer to meet the new monitoring requirements.

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The new UL 325 standard, effective January 12, 2016, requires that all safety devices installed on gates must be monitored.

Gate operator manufactures are free to choose the way their equipment will monitor these safety devices.

Some manufacturers have chosen to use their own proprietary monitoring scheme, while others have opted for an open system that will accommodate a variety of safety solutions.

There are four monitoring schemes that are emerging as the industry standard.