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New Alignment Procedure Aids in Proper Installation of Photoeye



Thanks to customer suggestion and input, EMX Industries has created a photoeye alignment procedure in the operating instructions for the IRB-RET retroreflective photoeye.

The biggest challenge to retroreflective photoeyes has been accurately aligning the photoeye with its reflector. The new alignment procedure instructs installers on proper installation, verification and operation. Download the new manual here.

EMX reminds you of the importance of using a protective hood with reflectors to ensure reliable operation in rain, sleet, snow and fog.

UL325 Changes Coming Soon

Effective January 2016, the  new UL325 standard will go into effect. All gate operators sold and installed after this date will be required to have monitored safety devices for UL compliant operation. Many manufacturers are currently in the process of updating their operators to the new UL325 standard.

There are several methods being implemented to meet the requirement for monitoring safety devices and each manufacturer is free to design its own system. As manufacturers submit their operators to UL for approval, they will specify which components will be listed with their operators. irb_mon_blog

EMX designed the IRB-MON to comply with all the known monitoring methods and will be adding any additional new methods as they become available.

EMX recommends that you check with your gate operator manufacturers to confirm that they will be listing the IRB-MON as an approved component with their equipment.

About the IRB-MON:
The IRB-MON is a thru beam photoeye that is UL325-2016 compliant, features a 115 foot operating range  and a rugged NEMA 4X enclosure to stand up to the elements. Learn more.