IPI Conference & Expo in Dallas, Texas

ipi_2014 conference logo small copy_200x195In two weeks, EMX will be participating in the International Parking Institute’s Conference & Expo in Dallas, Texas.  The IPI Conference & Expo is the largest educational and networking event for parking and transportation professionals in the world, and features meetings, keynotes, leadership discussions, networking, awards, special events, tours of parking facilities and an exhibit hall with more than 225 exhibitors.  Running from June 1st-4th, the IPI Conference & Expo traditionally brings in more than 2,500 attendees.

This year EMX will be located at booth 512, where we will be showcasing loop detectors with our exclusive Detect on Stop function, as well as our “loopless” USVD-4X, ideal for when cutting a loop is too expensive or just not feasible.  Bob and Darlene will be on hand to answer any questions.  See you there!



Save Time and Money With EMX’s Ultrasonic Vehicle Detector

The cost associated with installing an in-ground loop detector as well as the actual installation process can prove to be a deterrent for those whose business requires vehicle detection.  The solution is a vehicle detector that can provide the same services as an in-ground loop detector without the costly installation expenses.

Our Ultrasonic Vehicle Detect, a great alternative to an in-ground loop detector.

Enter our Ultrasonic Vehicle Detector (USVD).  Providing the same services as a vehicle loop detector, the USVD’s four ultrasonic transducers scan the area where vehicles are expected and trigger the USVD’s output upon detection, providing a two second response time, all from it’s mount on a post or order box.  The triangular array of the ultrasonic transducers prevent detection dropout in the

middle of a vehicle and differentiates between two vehicles with only a one foot gap between them, preventing tailgating.  The USVD even activates a fail output when a solid object, such as ice, blocks a transducer.

The USVD is easy to use, too: just install, aim, done!  It doesn’t require any more adjustment after that.  The USVD is compatible with most power supplies worldwide, from 12VDC to

24VAC, and is a great cost-efficient alternative for those who require vehicle detection.

See the Ultrasonic Vehicle Detector in action and learn more about the USVD by visiting our main website and viewing our product spec sheets. You can also call us at 216.518.9888 to speak with a member of our team directly, and find out more about our full line of access control products and accessories, and how you can start working with them today.

EMX will also be showcasing the USVD at this year’s IPI Conference & Expo in Dallas, Texas, along with our Detect on Stop enabled loop detectors.

And be sure to download the EMX Sensors app to gain easy access to user manuals in the field, available on both iTunes and Google Play!