FENCETECH 2014 Is Almost Here


Ultraloop featuring Detect on Stop

EMX will be in Las Vegas from March 6th through the 8th for the American Fence Association‘s FENCETECH training and trade show, located at Mandalay Bay.  FENCETECH brings together industry leaders in fence, deck, railing and security manufacturing, distribution and contracting.  EMX will be located at booth #523, where we will be featuring products you’ve come to know and trust, as well as our new Ultraloop-Ult-Din, USVD, VMD202 and ULT-MVP.

Leave Brian your card for a chance to win!

Our Sales Director Brian Madanski will be on hand to demonstrate these new and exciting products and answer any questions you may have.  And make sure Brian scans your name or you leave him your card in order to be entered into our free product giveaway!  EMX will randomly select 30 lucky winners to choose between the Ultraloop-Ult-Din, USVD or VMD202.  See you soon!



Ensure Color and Quality Consistency with BriteX Brightness Sensors

Each of the brightness sensors in the BriteX family have been optimized for a specific application, from controlling sugar’s color quality to wet and dry end paper brightness grading.  BriteX brightness sensors are easy to use and affordable enough for multi-point sensing.  The tighter process control offered by the BriteX family can lead to reduced operation costs and minimized quality variation.


Used in dry end paper applications, including paper bleaching and de-inking, paper grading, pulp bales on a conveyor, paper and cardboard, paper coatings and textile applications.  The BriteX-1000P can detect up to 900mm and offers a large 50mm diameter spot size when at a distance of 200mm.

BriteX-1000 Probe Series: For wet end pulp applications
BriteX-1000 Probe Series: For wet end pulp applications

BriteX-1000 Probe Series

Used for wet end pulp applications, including in-process pulp, pulp bales on a conveyor, paper slurry, paper and cardboard, paper coatings, textiles and optical brighteners.  The Probe Series offers a 25mm glass window spot size and a sensing distance of up to 100mm.

BriteX 1000S
BriteX-1000S: designed for ICUMSA sugar color applications


Designed for ICUMSA sugar color applications, including both raw and refined sugar.  The maximum sensing distance of the BriteX-1000s is 900mm.


Intended for small target areas.  Sensing distance is adjustable up to 150mm and offers a spot size of 8mm at a distance of 40mm.


All brightness sensors in the BriteX family display a measurement of relative brightness from 0 to 99 and offer a number of adjustable features, including user sensitivity calibration, detection level threshold and auto-set detection, hysteresis level from 1-9, minimum output pulse stretch, and a choice of low, medium or high LED intensity.  The rugged design of these brightness sensors mean they will hold up to the demands of any industrial setting.

If you’re interested in learning more about the BriteX family of brightness sensors,  you can visit our main website and view the product spec sheets or request a quote. You can also call us at 216.518.9888 and speak with a member of our team directly to find out more about our full line of industrial sensors and how you can start working with them today.