Detect automatic gate, overhead door and parking barrier obstructions with the BPE-50 Photo Beam

It’s funnier on TV

We’ve seen this situation on sitcoms and cartoons countless times: one minute a character is having a normal conversation and the next an automatic gate has close prematurely, damaging the character’s car while the character can only look on in shock and disbelief.  It even happened to rap star Kanye West’s $750,000 Lamborghini a few months ago.  What’s needed is a reversing sensor, which senses obstructions to automatic gates, overhead doors and parking barriers and reverses the closing process to prevent damage to vehicles and injury to people.

Enter the BPE-50 Battery Powered Photo Beam, produced by EMX Industries, Inc.  With a range of 50 feet, simply place the transmitter and the receiver in an opening to detect obstructions and prevent costly damages.  Both the transmitter and receiver are compatible with most power supplies worldwide, from 12VDC to 24VAC, while the receiver can also run on two 3.6 volt batteries (included).  Featuring a power save option and two years of expected battery life, you can trust the BPE-50 to handle your automation needs.

If you’re interested in learning more about the BPE-50 Photo Beam you can visit our main website and view the product spec sheet. You can also call us at 216.518.9888 and speak with a member of our team directly to find out more about our full line of access control products and accessories and how you can start working with them today.

And, if you haven’t, be sure to check out the EMX Sensors app!  Available on iTunes and Google Play, it makes accessing user manuals in the field easier than ever; no WiFi required!

Detect Vehicle and Pedestrian Movement with the Hawk 2 Automatic Door Sensor

While in ground loops and ultrasonic vehicle detectors are great for determining when gates should open and for how long, sometimes all you need a sensor to do is activate an overhead door.  Our Hawk 2 Automatic Door Sensor is the perfect solution.   Featuring 3 programmable motion detection options (towards, away or both), the Hawk 2 provides wide coverage (from 10 to 100 square feet) and high resolution, and you can be sure the sensor is positioned accurately using the mechanical orientation system.

The Hawk 2 uses advanced K-band planar microwave technology to detect vehicle and pedestrian movement from an installation height of up to 20 feet, activating all types of industrial gates and overhead doors.  Running off batteries, installation is much less of a hassle: you won’t have to worry about drilling through walls or connecting the Hawk 2 to a power source.

The Hawk 2 features an IP rating, or Ingress Protection rating, which classifies and rates the degree of protection provided against dust, accidental contact and water in mechanical casings and with electrical enclosures, of 65; meaning the Hawk 2 is totally protected against dust and low pressure water jets from any direction.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Hawk 2 you can visit our main website and view the product spec sheets. You can also call us at 216.518.9888 and speak with a member of our team directly to find out more about our full line of access control products and accessories and how you can start working with them today.

And, if you haven’t done so already, be sure to check out the EMX Sensors app!  Available on both iTunes and Google Play, it stores user manuals as PDF files, making it easy to access them in the field, where there’s often less WiFi coverage.

Determine the RGB Values of Various Sources with the LEX-1000 Color Light Measurement Sensor

LED displays are used in an increasingly large number of products, public displays for businesses, signage and more. They’re known for their versatility and their quality.   However, none of that would be possible with products which didn’t emit light properly, or were otherwise unreliable, inconsistent or of a general lower quality.  Whether you’re manufacturing them or incorporating them into the manufacturing of other end products, you need to be able to quickly and accurately gauge that quality and capability before the product hits the streets.

Enter the LEX-1000 color light measurement sensor, produced by EMX Industries, Inc.

The LEX-1000 color light measurement sensor is the ideal solution for providing accurate and quick readings of RGB colors from a variety of light sources which may be used in electronic assemblies.  These potential uses are far-reaching, including any range of indicator LEDs used on popular consumer or industrial electronics. It can even be used on screens themselves to verify the accuracy of the screen’s output for given color conditions, and to verify the screen’s quality and functionality. With its high-speed discrete output, and intuitive, user-friendly software, the LEX-1000 provides added efficiency, control and reliability in any factory or industrial setting.

The LEX-1000 offers unparalleled high resolution and fast response time; it works by collecting light and focusing it onto an internal receiver, where it’s analyzed for its constituent RGB values. Users can program four separate color channels, storing acceptable RGB ranges for each, enabling easy switching between different configurations.  Tolerance can also be adjusted in    increments from .5% to 50%.  A discrete output will signal verification of a color match, while more detailed displays are offered through an exclusive PC-based software configuration, known as the ColorMax Windows Application, connected via USB.  Here, the LEX-1000 will display RGB values from 0 to 100%. These absolute values can be displayed via bar graphs, or relative color comparisons can be shown via pie charts.   And the new white balance adjustment feature, which allows for the entry of correction factors applied to the red, green and blue color measurements, effectively provides a means of adjusting the sensor readings. This new functionality is useful when multiple sensors are being used and must be set for specific RGB readings on a known target.  Along with exclusive and intuitive software configuration and it’s ease of setup and integration with your existing factory system, operators can be locked out from making unwanted changes while rugged M30 housing ensures the LEX-1000 will easily hold up to any industrial environment; you’ll be able to depend on it for long-lasting and continuous light evaluation and comparative measurements.

All of this allows you to instantly verify color measurements and quality with LED lighting, while quickly finding problems or defects before a larger problem occurs. The efficiency, productivity and profitability of your processes will all increase.  When you’re looking for a robust, high-speed, automated detection system for light measurement on electronic assemblies, the LEX-1000 stands alone at the top of its class.

To learn more about the LEX-1000 color light measurement sensor, call the team at EMX Industries, Inc. at 216.518.9888. Detailed specifications on the LEX-1000 are also available at, along with a demonstration video, and product and pricing request forms.  And, if you haven’t done so already, download the EMX Sensors app to gain easy access to user manuals in the field, available on both iTunes and Google Play.