EMX Participates in Shanghai Industrial Automation Show

The EMX booth

The Shanghai Industrial Automation Show is the largest show of its kind in the world; two weeks ago EMX had the pleasure of attending the show again.  The show covers topics of industrial automation, electrical systems, robotics and IT solutions.  Industry leaders present and explore product applications with users, using the show as a platform to demonstrate the latest technologies and market solutions.  It is a must attend automation event for technology suppliers and users.

Bill and Emily trained our distributors on various sensors


EMX’s Ultrasonic Vehicle Detector Makes it Easier to Detect Vehicles

Loop detectors are great for things like triggering parking lot exit gates and measuring vehicle wait times in a drive thru.  However, a vehicle loop detector just isn’t feasible sometimes; the need for in ground installation and the cost associated with it can be a deterrent for those whose business requires vehicle detection.

Ultrasonic Vehicle Detector

Our Ultrasonic Vehicle Detector (USVD) is the perfect alternative.  Providing the same services as a vehicle loop detector, the cost typically associated with loop detector installation is reduced by being an above ground installation; instead of an in ground sensor loop, the USVD’s four ultrasonic transducers scan the area where vehicles are expected and trigger the USVD’s output upon detection, providing a two second response time, all from it’s mount on a post or order box.  The triangular array of the ultrasonic transducers prevent detection dropout in the middle of a vehicle and differentiates between two vehicles with only a one foot gap between them, preventing tailgating.    Should a solid object, such as ice, block a transducer, the USVD activates a fail output.

The USVD is easy to use, too; besides installing and aiming, it doesn’t require any more adjustments.  The USVD is compatible with most power supplies worldwide from 12VDC to 24VAC and is a great alternative for those who require vehicle detection but are unable to install an in-ground loop detector or would just rather avoid the cost that comes with it.

See the Ultrasonic Vehicle Detector in action and learn more about the USVD by visiting our main website and viewing our product spec sheets. You can also call us at 216.518.9888 to speak with a member of our team directly, and find out more about our full line of access control products and accessories, and how you can start working with them today.

And be sure to download the EMX Sensors app to gain easy access to user manuals in the field, available on both iTunes and Google Play.

EMX’s Ultraloop-Ult-Din Vehicle Loop Detector Offers the Abilitiy to Differentiate Between Stopped and Moving Vehicles

 The Ultraloop-Ult-Dinvehicle loop detector from EMX Industries, Inc., features the same capabilities you’ve come to expect from EMX products in the past, with a new revolutionary component: Detect on Stop, which detects whether a vehicle has stopped or is still moving.

Detect on Stop

Often it’s not enough to just know that a vehicle is present; the ability to differentiate between stopped and moving vehicles is essential to things like fast food restaurants, which measure average drive thru wait times and to whom the distinction between stopped and moving vehicles is necessary, and parking lot exit gates, which should only open when a vehicle is ready to leave and not when a car simply drives past the gate.  Likewise , industrial overhead doors should not open every time a forklift drives past. Detect on Stop, the only technology of it’s kind on the world market, only triggers the Ultraloop-Ult-Din when a vehicle has stopped for at least a second, thereby eliminating false openings and incorrect data measurements.  See Detect on Stop in action.


Along with the Detect on Stop output, the Ultraloop-Ult-Din includes ten sensitivity levels which can be easily adjusted via the sensitivity display, allowing for the optimal setting depending on the size of the loop and the type of vehicles expected to be detected.  The Ult-Din’s Automatic Sensitivity Boost, which increases sensitivity after initial detection, helps prevent dropout when detecting high bed vehicles; after the vehicle has exited the loop, sensitivity returns to normal.  The frequency display will help select the best frequency for the loop to operate on while the crosstalk display will identify any crosstalk occurring between adjacent loop detectors.

The Ult-Din is easy to install, snapping on to the DIN rail housing and taking up little space in the control box. Compatible with most power supplies worldwide, from 12VDC to 24VAC, the Ult-Din saves on energy thanks to it’s low heat dissipation and electrical load requirements.

Learn more about the Ultraloop-Ult-Din vehicle loop detector by visiting our main website and viewing our product spec sheets. You can also call us at 216.518.9888 to speak with a member of our team directly, and find out more about our full line of vehicle loop detectors and accessories, and how you can start working with it today.

And, if you haven’t, be sure to check out the EMX Sensors app!  Available on iTunes and Google Play, it makes accessing user manuals in the field a snap!