Easily Adjust Sensitivity on Any Installation with the EMX ULTRA V-2 D-TEK Vehicle Loop Detector

Vehicle Loop DetectorThe ULTRA V-2 D-TEK Vehicle Detector from EMX Industries, Inc., is a highly advanced and feature-rich vehicle loop detector in the ULTRA series, a collection of plug-in modules which feature the spectacular ULTRAMETER. With the ULTRAMETER, sensitivity adjustment, initial setup and installation, and ongoing operation and troubleshooting, are all made to be as intuitive, quick and hassle-free as possible.

With the ULTRAMETER, when a vehicle is on the loop, a single-digit number LED display indicates the appropriate sensitivity setting from 0 to 9 needed to detect the vehicle (the ULTRA series vehicle detectors offer 10 sensitivity settings).

If the sensitivity is too low for the vehicle in question, you’ll still see the sensitivity level which is required, but you’ll notice that the detector indicator is not going off. This provides instant feedback for how you should setup your vehicle loop detector, and eliminates all guesswork and frustration.

In addition to providing this seamless setup, the ULTRAMETER also will showcase when crosstalk in multi-loop systems is interfering. And since the ULTRA V-2 D-TEK vehicle loop detector has four different operating frequencies, you’ll then be able to instantly solve the problem by changing settings.

Additional features on the ULTRA V-2 D-TEK include automatic sensitivity boost (ASB), delay, secondary output functions, fail-safe and fail-secure, infinite and normal presence, and more. It’s easy to work with, and quickly and easily installed. As a plug-in module, it’s convenient and compact, but also full-featured and highly capable.

The ULTRA V-2 D-TEK is also compatible with a wide variety of gate operators, including from brands such as Chamberlain/Elite, Advanced Access Automation, All-O-Matic, Intelligate Systems, Viking Access, SECOM and Linear.

To see the ULTRA series and its ULTRAMETER in action, visit EMXInc.com, and watch the product demo video. There, you’ll also find full product specifications and features for the ULTRA V-2 D-TEK, and the rest of the family of vehicle loop detectors from EMX.

You can also feel free to call us at 216.518.9888 to speak with a member of the team about our vehicle loop detection systems, which may be best for you, and how you can get started today.

The EMX ULTRA Series of Vehicle Loop Detectors with ULTRAMETER Functionality

EMX Industries, Inc., produces a number of different vehicle loop detectors and systems, including the ULTRA series, with several individual models. Each ULTRA series vehicle loop detector includes a very special and unique feature which sets it apart from the competition, and enables amazingly swift and easy installation, setup and ongoing control — the ULTRAMETER.

The ULTRAMETER eliminates all of the hassle with sensitivity selection. When a vehicle is in the loop, a number will be displayed via an LED which ranges from 0 to 9, for the 10 sensitivity settings which these vehicle loop detectors offer.

The indicated number is the appropriate setting needed to detect the vehicle which is positioned in the loop. If the setting is below what the vehicle would require, you will not see the LED detector indicator going off, and you’ll be able to instantly adjust the sensitivity setting to what is required.

Additionally, the ULTRAMETER can be used in several other ways to fine-tune and properly manage the performance of your vehicle loop detectors. For example, when there’s crosstalk between two channels or loops, you’ll be able to instantly see this and then manually adjust your settings, eliminating interference and problems with multiple loop applications.

Each ULTRA series vehicle loop detector also provides four operating frequency settings, so you’ll gain even greater flexibility and further capability in preventing crosstalk.

The ULTRA series from EMX includes three models. This begins with the ULTRA D-TEK vehicle loop detector, with a compact, energy efficient and cost-effective design, and features such as automatic sensitivity boost (ASB), lightning and surge protection, frequency counter, loop fail output, and more.

The ULTRA II D-TEK provides the same functionality for operator controls which require a dry contact relay input. The ULTRA V-2 D-TEK provides a second output, and provides a solid-state output indicating vehicle presence. The second output can then be used for presence, loop fault, or pulse on entry and exit.

On our main website, EMXInc.com, you’ll find all of the information you need on the EMX Ultra Series of vehicle loop detectors, including full product specifications and capabilities. You can even watch a demo video of the ULTRAMETER in action, to see for yourself just how great this functionality really is.

You can also call us at 216.518.9888 to speak with a representative, obtain pricing information, or place your order today for the EMX ULTRA vehicle loop detectors.


EMX’s MVP D-TEK Vehicle Loop Detector Guarantees Power Compatibility

MVP_D-TEK Vehicle Loop DetectorThe MVP D-TEK Multi-Voltage Vehicle Loop Detector from EMX Industries, Inc., provides a wide range of benefits, features and capabilities. But none is more important or advantageous than its multi-voltage functionality, offering virtually universal voltage, and guaranteeing power compatibility.

What does this actually mean for you?

Once you switch to the MVP D-TEK vehicle detector, you’ll only need one detector in your stock room and on your truck. You’ll never need to guess about which voltage you’ll need for a service call, repair or installation. And with all of this, you’ll be able to reduce inventory costs by only stocking one loop detector, a capability which provides great convenience and flexibility at the same time as well.

Of course, while universal voltage and guaranteed power compatibility are fantastic, that’s only the start of the story for the MVP D-TEK. This is an extremely reliable and high quality vehicle loop detector, and it offers a wide range of features.

For example, it provides enhanced lightning and surge immunity, it operates in both fail safe and fail secure modes, it includes loop diagnostics, a built-in loop conditioner, and a loop isolation transformer, as well as a frequency counter, two relays, gold plated control contacts and an aluminum RF shield housing.

Plus, EMX continues to make your life easier by providing all of the necessary components and accessories you need for swift, easy and successful installation and operation. This includes the HAR-11, an 11-pin detector harness, and the LD-11, a DIN Rail mount with an 11-pin socket base.

EMX also produces the EMX Lite Preformed Loop. Made from thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) insulation tubing and jacketing, this is a rugged, flexible and lightweight performed loop which can be used for saw cut, tar and concrete installations.

The EMX Lite Preformed Loop is a very high quality product and it’s also easy to work with, while offering added benefits such as electronic lightning protection. It can also be ordered in custom sizes to meet the needs of any application.

Learn more about the EMX MVP D-TEK Multi-Voltage Vehicle Detector by visiting our main website, EMXInc.com, and viewing our product spec sheets. You can also call us at 216.518.9888 to speak with a member of our team directly, and find out more about our full line of vehicle loop detectors and accessories, and how you can get started working with it today.

The MVP D-TEK from EMX Offers Universal Voltage and Reduces Inventory Costs

Vehicle Loop DetectorThe MVP D-TEK Multi-Voltage Vehicle Detector from EMX Industries, Inc., is really a wonderful and versatile product. It can be used for a variety of vehicle detection loop applications, while providing high quality and consistent results, and fantastic flexibility and convenience.

The great benefit of the MVP D-TEK Multi-Voltage Vehicle Detector is that it offers universal voltage. The MVP D-TEK has multiple ports which will allow a technician to hook up any electric voltages, from 9 Volt DC up to 240 Volt AC.

By covering all voltages from one product, it’s the only one you’ll need. You only need one detector in your stock room and on your truck, eliminating the guess work and hassle of carrying multiple products for installation and repair, or not knowing which voltage to take for service calls and installations.

Not only does this make the entire process smoother and more manageable, but it also reduces inventory costs. Saving extra money and improving the bottom line is something that everyone can utilize, and the MVP D-TEK is another in a long line of products from EMX which can help you accomplish this.

There are many other specific features and functions which help to separate the MVP D-TEK from the competition. It offers the best in reliability and convenience, and it operates in both fail safe and fail secure modes.

The MVP D-TEK includes a built-in loop conditioner, loop isolation transformer and loop diagnostics. It also provides a frequency counter, two relays, for presence and pulse or presence, and high quality gold plated control contacts. It’s housed with an aluminum RF shield, and provides enhanced lightning and surge immunity.

Additional controls include sensitivity, pulse on enter and pulse on exit, four minute limit, infinite presence, second presence relay, filter, automatic sensitivity boost, 3, 6 or 9 second extend detect output, and on down the line, with LED indicators for power, frequency, loop fail, detect and extend output.

You won’t find a more feature-rich, reliable or versatile option than the MVP D-TEK Multi-Voltage Detector from EMX Industries.

Find the full product specifications and information online at EMXInc.com, or simply give us a call at 216.518.9888, we’ll be happy to answer your questions, provide pricing information and help you to get started with the MVP D-TEK vehicle loop detector as soon as you’re ready to improve your business.