UVX Luminescence Sensor from EMX Industries Deployed Successfully by UK-based Company

Vision System Integrator in the UK Utilizes UVX-300 Luminescence Sensor from EMX With Great Success.

Cleveland, OH  EMX Industries, Inc. prides itself on creating and manufacturing sensors which out-perform the competition by the numbers. Even more important than the specs and technical details though, the company is most proud of producing high quality and reliable real-world applications for clients in need of specific solutions.

The UVX-300G-FGC luminescence sensor from EMX has been put to the test by a vision system integrator based in the United Kingdom. This company utilizes verification systems to check quality, legitimacy and other information across various business and consumer products, from banknotes to travelers checks, from barcodes to high quality packaging and security labels.

This company was in need of a better solution than the typical vision systems they worked with. They needed to inspect tax stamps which were coated with a unique UV pattern to verify authenticity.

What they found was that the UVX-300G-FGC was easier to use, and produced accurate and consistent results. Not only that, but it was also more cost-efficient, improving the business’s operation and its bottom line at the same time.

The UVX-300G-FGC is one of many high quality luminescence sensors in the UVX family. These robust and dependable sensors perform their job more reliably than vision systems which cost 10 times the price, something which EMX’s client in the UK found out firsthand.

UVX luminescence sensors are the only of their type with both auto-teach and manual calibration functionality, offering great ease of use, while also offering fine-tuning and precise adjustments. With three to six times the range of competing sensors, they stay out of harm’s way and can be integrated with any existing setup.

Their unique numerical display allows users to see the intensity of each reading, allowing easy on-line adjustments, and the sensor also offers both analog and discrete output. It’s the smallest and fastest luminescence sensor on the market, and while the specs are great, what’s even better is that EMX’s clients are discovering this to be true while they put the product to the test in the real world.

Call EMX Industries at 216.518.9888 for more information on the UVX-300G-FGC or any of their great luminescence sensors, or visit EMXInc.com, where full product spec sheets, video demonstrations and request forms are available.

About EMX Industries, INC.
EMX Industries, Inc., designs and manufactures industrial sensors and access controls for a variety of industries and applications. Established in 1987 and located in Cleveland, Ohio, EMX is a global leader for access control products for the security, fence and gating, door operating and parking markets, as well as factory and process automation sensors for automotive, packaging and labeling, metal stamping, paper and wood processing, plastics, electronics and pharmaceutical manufacturing. EMX is ISO 9001 certified. More information on their high quality products can be found at EMXInc.com, or by calling the team directly at 216.518.9888.

About Verification Systems Limited
Verification Systems Limited (VSL) is a privately held company that manufactures and integrates camera-based inspection and verification systems for the security print industry. These systems are used for quality control during, after and between printing processes of security documents such as bank notes, checks, passports, tax stamps, brand protection labels, etc. VSL has provided, maintained and supported these high end state-of -the-art systems to various government print works and security print companies in the USA, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Austria, Spain, Philippines and Australia. In addition to the cameras used on these systems, VSL also integrates additional sensor technologies in their inspection and verification solution in order to also verify various covert security features, i.e. UV, IR, RF or magnetic.

More information on their state-of-the-art inspection and verification products can be found at www.visionassurancesystems.com, or by calling +1-770-517-3344 (US office) or +44-1264-326309 (UK office).

Ensure Brown Sugar Color and Quality Stays Consistent With the BriteX-1000 Brightness Sensor

BriteX 1000S Brightness SensorThe BriteX-1000S brightness sensor from EMX Industries, Inc., was carefully designed for ICUMSA sugar color applications, including both raw and refined sugar. You’ll see for yourself that it’s incredibly easy to work with, offering fast response times, high sensitivity and resolution, and more.

When you’re working with brown sugar, you need to ensure that its color and quality remains consistent and on target with you’re looking for. It’ll make your processes more efficient and cost-effective, while also providing your end-customers with a product that best matches their needs. Whether you’re simply looking for one color grade, or you produce multiple grades or classes of products, the BriteX-1000S will be up to the task.

The BriteX-1000S can be swiftly integrated into any existing operation, and used for real-time, on-line measurement. It will eliminate wasteful, slower and more costly methods of measurement and control, and provide you with reliable speedy results.

Essentially, the BriteX-1000S utilizes a 457nm blue LED light with a 50mm spot size at a 200mm distance to measure its target’s brightness from 0 to 99. It utilizes a discrete output signal, as well as an analog output. The analog output is then correlated in this case with the target’s specific ICUMSA color rating. It couldn’t be quicker or easier to get precisely controlled measurements and product outcomes. You can view a demo of the BriteX-1000S video on our website

Sensing distance can be increased to 900mm, offering you a flexible range and ensuring you can utilize the BriteX-1000S in any existing environment. There are also many adjustable features, including user sensitivity calibration, detection level threshold and auto-set detection, hysteresis level from 1-9, minimum output pulse stretch, and a choice of low, medium or high LED intensity. Rugged construction means it will hold up to the demands of any industrial setting.

Take a look at the BriteX-1000S brightness sensor in action for yourself, by viewing our product demonstration video, which is available at EMXInc.com. You’ll also find the complete product specs, along with a pricing request form, to help you get started.

You can also call us directly at 216.518.9888 and we’ll be happy to answer any of your questions and tell you more about how you can effectively utilize the BriteX-1000S.


Utilizing the BriteX-1000P to Verify the Brightness of Paper on Dry End Applications

BriteX 1000P Series SensorThe BriteX-1000P brightness sensor is a versatile solution for verifying the brightness of paper on dry end applications. Offering your company a tighter control of processes and quality, you will be able to reduce operating costs, minimize quality variations, and ultimately benefit from an efficient, consistent and cost-effective solution.

The BriteX-1000P can be used for a number of specific applications, all with high speed, in-line, real-time measurement and process control for paper brightness. This includes paper bleaching and de-inking, paper grading, pulp bales on a conveyor, paper and cardboard, paper coatings and textile applications.

The sensor provides a measurement of relative brightness from 0 to 99, as a reflectance factor of the LED light source being utilized, a diffused blue light at 457nm. Sensing distance can be up to 900mm, offering great flexibility and long-range detection capabilities, while at a distance of 200mm, it offers a large 50mm diameter spot size. It’s easy to integrate and optimize with any existing operation or facility, and rugged metal alloy housing will up to the demands of any environment.

Sensitivity, detection level, hysteresis level, output pulse stretch and LED intensity can all be quickly adjusted. There is also a security locking feature, auto-set detection with teach mode, and a variety of different features and functions which make this a robust and high quality solution.

Not only will it produce fantastic results for your company, with less time and less hassle involved, but it’s also more affordable than the competition. Using the BrightX-1000P brightness sensor is an easy choice to make once you see for yourself just how capable this brightness sensor truly is.

The BriteX-1000P is just one of five high quality and unique brightness sensors in the BriteX family. Each one has its own intended functionality. So while the BriteX-1000P is ideal for dry end paper applications, the 1000P Probe is intended for wet end pulp applications; the 1000L is for paper break applications; the 1000S is for ICUMSA sugar color applications, and the 100 has been optimized for small target areas.

For more information on the BriteX-1000P and the rest of the BriteX family, visit EMXInc.com, where full product spec sheets and other details are available. You can also feel free to call the EMX team directly with any questions at 216.518.9888.

Why the BriteX-1000P Probe Series Sensor is a Great Choice to Monitor the Wet End of the Paper Manufacturing Process

BriteX 1000P Probe Series SensorThe BrightX-1000P Probe Series is a high sensitivity, long range brightness sensor, providing efficient, simple and affordable process control with multi-point sensing. You’ll be receiving real-time, on-line measurements, with precise accuracy, and more measurement points, reducing operating costs and minimizing variations.

The BriteX-1000P Probe Series is one of several different brightness sensors in the BriteX family. Each one has been optimized for a specific application, and in this case, it’s wet end pulp and paper applications. It can be utilized effectively for in-process pulp, pulp bales on a conveyor, paper slurry, paper and cardboard, paper coatings, textiles and optical brighteners.

Brightness is measured and displayed on a scale from 0 to 99, based on the reflectance factor of the LED light source being utilized by the sensor, a 457nm diffused blue light. The BriteX-1000P Probe can also be utilized with a 370nm LED light for different applications and products. Both LED lights come with an option of titanium or stainless steel, offering four specific models, each with rugged fiberglass reinforced plastic housing.

The sensor offers both a discrete PNP/NPN output, and an analog output signal which can be correlated with ISO Brightness.

The BriteX-1000P also offers a series of adjustable features and functions. LED intensity can be set on low, medium or high, output pulse stretch, hysteresis level, calibration and detection level can all also be adjusted. Teach mode allows an auto-set detection level, and the sensor can be locked or unlocked for security and control. The Probe Series offers a 25mm glass window spot size, and a sensing distance of up to 100mm.

Ultimately, you’ll find that the BriteX-1000P Probe Series is superior to the competition, and will help you maximize efficiency, control costs, and improve the entire production process. It is reliable, accurate and highly efficient.

For full product details and specifications, visit our main website, or contact us. You’ll also find a pricing request form. You can also simply call us at 216.518.9888 and we’ll be happy to provide you with more information or answer any questions you may have about the BriteX-1000 Probe Series brightness sensor.

Using the BriteX-1000S To Control Sugar’s White Color Quality & Product Consistency

BriteX 1000 - Brightness SensorThe BriteX-1000S brightness sensor was designed by the team at EMX Industries, Inc., specifically for usage with ICUMSA sugar color measurements. It’s the ideal choice for high-speed, on-line measurement of the white color, and corresponding quality, of sugar, offering a reliable and consistent product which reduces waste and its associated costs.

It will provide customers with a product which matches their specifications, and at the same time, it’ll save your operation money and time during processing, preparing and packaging.

The BriteX-1000S utilizes a high sensitivity receiver and a 457nm blue LED light source, with a large 50mm diameter spot size at 200mm distance to measure brightness from 0 to 99. Measurement distance can be increased up to 900mm. There are also a number of additional features which can be set and optimized in order to be properly utilized to match your specific needs and demands.

The BriteX offers both a discrete output, and an analog output, and this can be correlated to ICUMSA sugar color values. In this way, it’s quicker and easier than ever to get an accurate reading of the color and quality of your white sugar, and enables you to offer a higher grade product to your customers and eliminate inefficiency at every step along the way.

The BriteX-1000S, one of several different brightness sensors in the BriteX family, was developed in conjunction with a client who needed to improve their process control and monitoring of raw sugar. They needed an affordable system to reliably reach lower ICUMSA colors for their high quality products.

Sugar color was monitored as it exited centrifugals, and this seamless integration into their existing operation cut down on unnecessary steps in the process, and older methods of measurement and control, including expensive and slow manual checks.

The BriteX-1000S can be used just as easily with raw or refined sugar, and any grade or class of sugar.

A product demo video is available for the BriteX-1000S at our main website, EMXInc.com. You can also call the team at 216.518.9888 for more information or to request pricing information. The BriteX-1000S is a reliable, efficient and cost-effective tool, and it has been designed specifically to match your needs.

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