Using Luminescence Sensors to Detect UV Crayons and Chalk Marks

UVX Luminescence Sensor - EMX Inc.Luminescence sensors are a reliable and efficient choice compared to vision systems when utilized in applications where individual visual assessments must be made.

A wonderful example of this is within the lumber industry. However, this can be deployed successfully in multiple environments including, to name a few examples, road marking, the steel industry, contract and construction work, paper mills, plumbers and electricians, and even artists looking to place invisible placeholders or guides for themselves.

In the case of lumber, the material is graded by an individual and defects are marked in order to be quickly chopped out or removed. A person is in charge of marking those defects, and then a sensor reads the mark, and the machine knows where to make the necessary cut with the saw.

A vision system, however, will encounter difficulties in making accurate¬†detection’s¬†due to patterns in the wood and other natural complexities which don’t match the uniformity you’d found in a processed material.

On the other hand, UV light is very insensitive to everything else that may be going on. A luminescence sensor looking for a UV target on lumber won’t be affected by the knots in the wood, the lightness or darkness of its surroundings, and so forth.

It’s only looking at the UV target, and doesn’t respond to anything else would offer interference. Therefore, UV crayon or chalk readable by a luminescence sensor is an ideal option in such an instance.

Another advantage this provides is that with greater accuracy, the sensor itself can be placed at a farther distance from the machinery. This is beneficial in the harsh environment of a lumber mill and will serve to protect the sensor itself.

The UVX luminescence sensor from EMX Industries is an industry-leading choice for such applications. It efficiently and consistently will detect its UV target, improving all-around results.

It can also be tied into existing programs which, for instance, optimize how and where to make cuts in order to optimize and maximize the output from a flawed piece of lumber.

The UVX is a versatile and feature-rich choice offering a digital display, numerous settings and adjustments for the utmost in fine-tuning capabilities, and much more. There are nine different models to choose from, ensuring that the specifications you’re looking for will be met exactly.

To learn more about the UVX family of luminescence sensors from EMX Inc., and how they can be used in lumber applications and other scenarios, call us at 216.518.9888 today.

EMX’s BriteX Sensor Showcased by International Sugar Journal

BriteX Color SensorEMX Industries, Inc. aims to do more than produce high quality and innovative products — we also strive to find real world solutions and applications for our products in order to help businesses across a wide range of industries be more effective, efficient and productive. That’s why we’re so pleased with the success of the BriteX, which has been showcased by the International Sugar Journal for its ability to monitor sugar color in real time.

One client we worked with needed to improve their process control and monitoring for raw sugar. They needed to provide a higher quality – lower ICUMSA color – product to customers in order to prevent customer rejection.

However, increased measurements and controls led to increased costs, and wasted time. The existing process involved making color measurements of sugar in a solution. This just added more steps and delays to their overall production process.

The BriteX brightness sensor though was able to provide them with the capability to receive in-process relative color measurements of sugar. This allowed them to make real-time process adjustments, offer a more consistent output, and cut down on older methods for measurement and process control which proved to be inefficient and costly.

The sugar color was monitored as it exited centrifugals in order to meet the specific ICUMSA color requirements. Measurement data from the analog output signal provided by the sensor is sent to the control system and correlated to the ICUMSA color, allowing seamless measurement, monitoring, and if needed, adjustment.

BriteX also offers user-adjustable threshold level settings, and discrete output which indicates when the measured level exceeds the threshold. All told, it offered a way for our client to dramatically improve their process control, while cutting down on expensive, time-consuming manual and labor-intensive measurements.

The BriteX brightness sensor is currently available in four different models, each designed for specific applications and environments. The BriteX-1000S is the model utilized above for ICUMSA sugar color applications. It can be used from up to 900mm away, and a spot size of 50mm at 20mm, with a display readout of 0-99 steps.

Developing industry-leading real world applications is what we’re all about at EMX, Inc. To learn more about the BriteX and the full range of sensors and controls that EMX produces, call the team today at 216.518.9888.

How Invisible Ink Helps Packaging and Security Applications

Invisible Ink UVX Luminescense SensorInvisible inks which are detectable by UV sensors have numerous applications. Two areas in which they have continued to grow more widely utilized and depended upon are packaging and security. In either instance, a reliable, industry-leading sensor such as the UVX luminescence sensor from EMX Industries will provide a perfect match.

Various forms of packaging materials will by necessity have registration marks to determine orientation and/or correct assembly. Of course, a visible mark on the packaging itself isn’t aesthetically suitable for consumer products. To solve this problem, UV marks and targets which are invisible to the naked eye can be utilized.

For instance, an invisible UV bar or mark could be printed every 10 or 12 inches to cut a clear film in the perfect length from a much larger spool. When your machine sees the UV mark, it instantaneously knows where to cut or slice that material, and completes that operation.

This provides a quicker and more consistent option than a gauge based upon the speed of how fast that material is moving. In the aforementioned scenario, the film unwinding from that spool will encounter numerous variables and complexities which changes its speed, such as nearing the end of the spool itself. This leads to an inefficient system where inaccurate readings are being made, and as a result, inaccurate processes are being conducted by the automated system.

In addition to packaging, invisible ink has also fantastic capabilities for security. Everything from dollar bills to credit cards today have various counterfeiting and security measures, often including UV inks and markers. Even a product such as expensive imported perfumes may have UV security ink on the packaging itself in order to protect against counterfeits and rip-off products.

In these cases, it’s easy to quickly determine whether or not a product is legitimate, without having any visible marks which could themselves be copied if they were visible, or would otherwise be aesthetically unpleasing as mentioned above.

With the family of UVX luminescence sensors from EMX Inc., you’ll be able to quickly, securely and consistently detect invisible ink for either packaging or security applications.

When efficiency and accuracy are vital for your specific application, the UVX luminescence sensor is an intelligent choice. For more information, to see the UVX in action, or to receive a pricing quote, call us at 216.518.9888 today to get started.